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In Case You Missed It: Vol. 2

Courtesy of One Block Off the Grid

  1. A very cool info graphic and article that shows what kind of return you could expect on a $20,000 solar installation. When you compare the return to a general savings account, solar becomes a no-brainer. In New Jersey you could turn your $20,000 investment into $118,001 in 18 years.
  2. The Greening of the Military – Marines have begun using solar energy to power forward operating bases in the Middle East. This reduces the need to transport large amounts of fuel across long distances of dangerous territory, thus protecting the lives of our young men and women and giving our military a competitive advantage. The U.S. Military is also a driving force in adopting new and alternative fuel sources here in the states.
  3. The Adventure of the Short Stack Solar module has begun. Our newest product has stepped out of the shop and started its journey to Orlando, FL for the 2012 International Builders Show in February. (shameless plug).
  4. And finally, a big shout out to our Alma mater, Ohio Wesleyan. This past weekend the Men’s Soccer Soccer Team became the 2011 NCAA D3 National Champions! Check out these great highlights of the tournament.


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