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Junk Mail

I’m looking into reducing junk mail. I hate getting junk mail. I check the mailbox every day, and pull out various publications that I have never subscribed to or have ever read. According to a Newsweek.com article, “89 percent of consumers say in polls that they’d prefer not to receive direct-marketing mail; 44 percent of it is never opened.”

This particular concern originally grew from an internship at the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District. I would perform routine maintenance inspections on the storm drain systems in housing developments. Long story short, a significant portion of my day was spent pulling newspapers out of the drains and tossing them in the back of my truck. By the end of each work day when I returned to the office I would have about 15-20 soggy newspapers piled up in the bed. That number is probably a insignificant compared to how many eventually washed into nearby lakes and streams. I was a paper boy for 4 years. I never missed that many porches.

So after 3 summers of garbage picking, you just start to notice these things. Here in San Diego I see the same problem, but coupons and advertisements are the main culprit. I actually opened a catalog this weekend that was addressed to ‘Mrs. Whoever Her Name Was, or… Current Resident’. I am receiving jewelry and fashion magazines that I never subscribed to. Honest, I didn’t. I wanted to wait until I got home to post this to see what I was in the box. And believe it or not I got another catalog.

Today's Mail

“Each year, 19 billion catalogs are mailed to American consumers. All those catalogs require more than 53 million trees and 56 billion gallons of wastewater to produce.” That one is from an MSN lifestlye article titled, “15 Simple Steps That Actually Make a Difference for the Environment.”

I signed up at CatalogChoice.org, so hopefully this should slow down some of the bigger stuff. It’s kind of a big process to have even one blocked. It appears that I’ll have to do it one bye one. I’ll let you know how it goes.

So for now, whenever I’m walking my dog or running around, I’m going to try and pick up most of the litter I see laying around too.

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