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One of Our Favorite Environmental Nonprofits!

Because we  know we can’t change the world  on our own, we have joined an incredible group of companies and are participating in 1% for the Planet.     Member companies comit to give 1% of all sales to nonprofits and NGOs that  share our commitment to preserving the planet.  

The Green Learning Adventure (GLA) is one of our favorite nonprofit programs!  GLA:

  • helps students in our local community (San Diego),
  • focuses on the environment and climate change, 
  • is hands on and engaging,
  • inspires students to think and act, and
  • is available in public school classrooms at no cost to the schools! 

GLA is California Center for Sustainable Energy’s (CCSE) community education initiative to teach elementary and middle school students about global climate change and sustainable living.  GLA is geared primarily to students in grades five through eight, and it provides up to 15 different hands-on, interactive lesson modules covering topics ranging from exposing absurd packaging to exploring the transportation requirements for a home-cooked meal.

 Check them out at https://energycenter.org/index.php/technical-assistance/climate-change/green-learning-adventure and give!

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