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Big Schools Doing Big Things!

Considering that most of the employees at PNS are freshly out of college we like to  stay on top of the happenings at various universities around the country and talk about what we would have done differently if we could repeat our 4 years of school (Do more while doing less…everyone’s dream).

Now that we are in the renewable energy business, we are constantly looking for the institution that is doing the next big thing in industry (be it renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental education, etc.)

Today, a very exciting piece of news was released that inspired this post.  According to the Wall Street Journal, “ Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to announce on Monday that Cornell University won the high-profile competition to build a new applied-science campus in New York City.” This $2 Billion project will be New York’s largest solar and geothermal installation to date in addition to the 22,500 million BTUs from natural gas fuel cells will create per year. All in all, this mix of renewable energy sources has the potential to reduce total electricity consumption at the campus by 75%. Once finished, the campus will be the largest net-zero building East of the Mississippi. Read more here.

This project is obviously huge, so tomorrow we will highlight some small universities doing some really great things.

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