Knowledge — The Latest Renewable Energy Tool

This costs less than $40!

We all know that using solar and wind as a source, can help you create your own power leading to less energy being pulled from the grid. Unfortunately, not everybody has the means or ability to install solar panels or a wind turbine. Here is something you can do!

Centerpoint Energy and U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman found out that just knowing how much energy you are using can help you dramatically reduce your energy usage and bill. Centerpoint Energy installed smart meter In Home Displays into homes of a test group, and received incredible results. Just having your daily usage, including what every appliance is using at that moment, displayed in front of you drastically changes people’s actions regarding energy usage. Homes with the IHD (In Home Display), saw incredible changes in usage by doing everything from turning off the lights when leaving a room to adjusting the thermostat to replacing “antique” appliances.
The findings of this study fit right in with our philosophy. Putting in a solar system or a wind turbine is not the magic wand that allows you to lower your electric bill or your carbon footprint, but making changes, even small ones, can have some of the greatest impact. So maybe the saying should be “Knowledge Saves Power”.  Try plugging some of your appliances into a Watt meter.  You might just be surprised.


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