Save Water

Water conservation will not only protect our most valuable natural resource, but it will save some money too. Out of the whole solar system, we are the lucky ones that are dubbed the ‘blue planet’, thats pretty sweet. Living by the ocean can leave you disillusioned about the amount of water we have available. I see vast amounts of water everyday, but when you consider the freshwater we use for everything from drinking, cooking, washing our cars, ourselves, our dogs, the numbers are pretty crazy to actually think about. Good old Wikipedia will tell you just about everything you need to know, well for our general purposes. “Out of all the water on Earth, only 2.75 percent is fresh water, including 2.05 percent frozen in glaciers, 0.68 percent as groundwater and 0.011 percent of it as surface water in lakes and rivers.”

A great way to start this would be with some new fixtures. There are countless new products available that can cut down your usage without even really doing anything else. Aside from the installation, the appliance does all the work for you. Easy changes, thats what I’m talking about. has a bunch of cool articles on water conservation and a lot of other subjects for that matter. “Spending about $30 on low-flow showerheads and faucets is estimated to save 45 gallons of that 260 gallons of water, almost 18% of your usage.” Those numbers seem pretty outrageous, but I guess thats what the average household uses daily? Nuts.

On the Clock

But since I wont be installing any new appliances, I am going to try some quick and easy approaches. First we turned off the sprinklers in our lawn. The grass is soaked in dew every morning and the ground itself  is soggy before the sprinklers even turn on. If the lawn goes brown, I’ll consider turning them back on. I’ve also been water my garden in the evenings, just to prevent some evaporation during the day. Inside the house I’m working on two of the easiest things I could immediately think of; full loads of laundry, and shorter showers. I am going to wash on cold-cold to save some energy, and only put in full loads. I am also going to watch the clock when I’m taking my showers. I want to keep them under 5 minutes. I enjoy my nice hot showers as much as the next person. So I guess this means my next project is to look for a good new way to wind down at the end of the day.

Let’s try and save some of this water stuff for later, we might get thirsty.

-Dan Conroy

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