Day 2: Spread the Word

Day 2:  Dan & Todd are out spreading the good word about renewable energy today in LA at a USGBC event.   The biggest small step we can all take today is to spread the word!   Start conversations.  Ask questions.   Inspire action with your words.  Be an evangelist for the Earth.   

At the office in San Diego, Day 2 happens to be donut Thursday so let’s talk coffee and donuts.      

Donuts:   Right now, we buy donuts from a shop directly on the way to work that bakes on site – no extra miles to get there and limited transportation to get product to the store.   Even though donut Thursday does not increase our current carbon footprint, we could probably do just a bit better.  Dan found a cool, local gluten free bakery that we will try next week.   We can support local entrepreneurs, using local ingredients, hiring local workers, and, as an added bonus take better care of ourselves and our bodies.   Look for a review next Thursday on our Facebook page!    

Coffee:   Inspired by yesterday’s post, I spent some time looking for Fair Trade coffee that would work.   We are simple people with non-fancy coffee tastes.   Fair trade was intended to be about social justice and equity — to provide opportunities for all product producers, large and small, to sell on the same level of the game.  I am not sure where the “frilly” coffee came in but high-end fancy coffee rules the Fair Trade coffee world!     I am on a quest to find good, stick-to-your-ribs, coffee, that helps us support entrepreneurs around the world and at home.   Help!!!   Post any suggestions on our Facebook page!

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