Day 1: Mug or Bust

For day 1 I decided I would keep it simple. There is always a lot of ‘buzz’ about coffee, and I like coffee. I have a reusable mug, but to be honest, I wasn’t always using it. So my plan is to exclusively use my mug whenever I get coffee, if I don’t have it, then I don’t have coffee. This one is more of a change to a zero compromise practice and abstain from creating waste out of convenience.

As a small add on I am also only going to purchase fair trade coffee, which works out great because the coffee shop I like to walk to in the mornings specializes in, “fresh organic & fair trade coffee.”


This mug is pretty cool, it’s a Stanley Nineteen13 Recycled Mug. It is “made from 100% recycled polypropylene containing 25% post consumer content.” It’s also recyclable when I wear it out.

find it here.

Right, waste is bad, but why coffee cups?

There are a few up front reasons why coffee cups in particular present a problem. First, they are predominantly made from fresh paperboard. The FDA is pretty strict with recycled paper content and its contact with food and beverages. During their production they are also coated in a plastic resin called polyethylene. This essentially means that most coffee cups end up in a land fill. The real issue, as with anything is volume. It is difficult to put exact numbers on the total of cups used. We all love coffee. According to,”Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam coffee cups every year.” This one is simple. Everyone knows why styrofoam is bad. It just doesn’t go anywhere. So don’t put it in the trash bin. put up an interesting table describing the energy that goes in to making coffee cups.

After a short chat with Todd across the desk here while I was writing this, drinking fair trade at the office will be the next task for the coffee overhaul. Getting the office on board shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll look forward to tomorrow, cheers.

-Dan Conroy


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