30 ways in 30 days: making easy Earth friendly decisions

In honor of Earth Day, this week I will start changing one small (or potentially large) aspect of my daily routine in order to limit my carbon footprint. My goal is to implement one change per day and persuade my friends and co-workers to help by implementing environmentally responsible alternatives also. It will be a good way to re-evaluate our current practices and change the status quo. My work in the green industry has inspired me to take a deep look at my actions and see how they stack up to my personal values, as well as the companies.

Let's turn oranges into orange juice and have a great time celebrating Earth Day

This will be a great way to examine things that I can change that may just need a little adjustment or that may lead to more significant changes in my life. The goal is to have the various changes compound into a greater adjustment in my behaviors.
I have browsed the web and there are countless lists that tell me how to be more responsible but I would love to open up the conversation and have readers share their ideas as well. If you have a good tip or an interesting idea that you would like featured send me an e-mail to make the reader’s choice. I would love your input and I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say. For now send us an email, post on our facebook or feel free to give us a call! We should have a forum available soon.
This will hopefully be a fun way to try out some more responsible ways of living my everyday life, so let’s see how it goes!

– Dan Conroy


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One response to “30 ways in 30 days: making easy Earth friendly decisions

  1. Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Helping preserve the environment is something I take pride in doing for my community.

    Here are a few things we all can do to help out are planet Earth.

    An Earth Day Promise

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