Our Week Was Not Just About Solar Shutters

So many things to tell you, not enough hours in the day. We have been busy cutting, sanding, pouring, assembling, planning, brainstorming, and telling anyone who will listen about our one of a kind solar solution; but who wants to hear about any of that stuff?! Instead, here are some of the other things we did this week.

David and Dan traveled to the smaller, less frantic Hollywood (in Florida) to film a segment for the “Balancing Act”, a show on the Lifetime network. Here is a pic of David looking very unpleased that he had to wear stage make-up and another candid shot of him sipping Cristal in the green room with his entourage. Aahh the life of a star!

While David and Dan ate Bon Bons and hung out with TV stars on the beach, the rest of the team tried to remain strong through this harsh San Diego winter. Todd and Dan braved the 70 degree temperatures to shred some mountain trails at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park on their bikes. This pic is of the long ascent, sure looks like a lot of work. I bet the ride down was fun though!

Bennet and I cruised some waves throughout the week, just enjoying the cool breeze and salty spray. Surfing is an amazing way release all that stress and Bennet is convinced that if we stay in the water long enough we will grow gills.

By Colin Johnson


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Filed under Outdoor Adventure, Parks, Surfing, TV Appearance

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